SUPAskills is a breakthrough in the testing and measuring of soccer skills. It was invented by Craig Johnston, former Liverpool FC Midfielder,who designed and patented the award winning Adidas Predator soccer shoe. Using The Johnston SUPAskills Test, players and coaches can evaluate strengths and weaknesses by focusing on the four fundamental skills of soccer.Johnston developed a truly fun and engaging system that provides benchmark analysis for uniform statistics. This methology turns SKILLS into SCORES into STATS with a simple formula. 
For the first time ever, players and coaches know exactly what skills and techniques they have at their disposal. This breakthrough information can be tracked over time and compared with other For the first time ever, players and coaches know exactly what skills and techniques they have at their disposal. This breakthrough information can be tracked over time and compared with other players to pin-point strengths and target areas that need work. Most importantly, this information can be used by players to help them truly master the game of soccer.

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At the heart of the project is a simple concept. The equivalent of “golf handicap,” only for soccer players and teams. Craig developed his own method of self training and codified this in a measurable and quantifiable way. It's more than curriculum and systems and tactics. It's the essence of true soccer/football education and helps motivate players to self train and learn while making if fun and educational and has a way of measuring, sharing and socializing all of this data. Craig has created a worldwide 'football handicap' type skill challenge in an obstacle course type format. All results are measured and shared on the dedicated website (including app) so players can compete with others anywhere in the world or at a local club and team level using their personal ‘scorecard’ data. There are many layers to the project which can be used by the entire soccer player ecosystem. Coaches, clubs, leagues and federations will find this extremely useful for measuring baseline testing and skill development, while overlaying other educational and commercial content. 

The platform has 3 aspects:

1. Turn Key & Customized ‘Skill Rig’: Made for TV (televised competitions - regional, national global), or surrounding large events, tournaments, leagues, events.Requires physical set up/take down; labor intensive investment at permanent/semi-permanent locations. 

2. Technology: mobile app for players. Data sharing (competition aspect). Freemium/premium options & revenue share model. 

3. Licensing Franchise:for clubs, leagues, independent organizations. Includes revenue generation. 

Craig has created a method and mechanism to re-brand and re-package football into a new and improved format which can be also duplicated for other sports such as rugby, for example. This can then be sold back to the rest of the world in bite-sized broadcast and social media chunks. The project will create more than enough quality content to help reshape the global media landscape going forward. The content and 'DATA' that it produces will be a “game changer”  for all the various news, sports and entertainment platforms and the sponsors that go along with it. Unlike traditional football and its rigid format and advertising constraints, this new content and DATA are specifically designed for tomorrow’s broadcast and online distribution, as well as personalized sponsorship needs. From a technical football perspective it will revolutionize player performance from the top to the bottom and this is will be reflected in the ever-improving newsworthy content it produces. This very valuable new information for players and teams brings a whole new cottage industry of products and services along with it, both online and offline. The components include: apps, skill Rigs, website registrations and database services, etc.

Through the above hardware/merchandising products, players are…

    •    Tested and measured

    •    Rated and Ranked

    •    Tracked for improvement

    •    Are displayed in the Global Scouting Network Portal

    •    Have unique ID & DATA score for entire playing career 

In terms of its clients and customer it services, that targeted audience would consist of the global football pyramid from FIFA to UEFA to all the top teams and all of their supporters. But also, the business partners with governments, local councils, clubs, schools, universities and other institutions through the massive amount of valuable content and data that it produces. In terms of the rollout strategy, this is not a disruptive project, but instead it enhances the vast soccer network that is already in place. 

For an introduction to Craig Johnston contact 1-650-387 4128