Our mission is to help people connect and build their network within the world's game.

Soccerbook.com was originally founded as Pass2Me, a social platform for the entire soccer community, with specific tools for youth and college soccer. It was the collective vision of people who have had a lifelong immersion in all aspects of soccer -- as players, coaches, professionals, administrators, managers and fans of the game.

Soccerbook.com now focuses on providing a global business, networking and employment-oriented platform for the professional soccer/football community. Our goal is to help those working in the sport of soccer to better connect, communicate and interact with potential employers and employees.

Soccerbook.com enables you to message friends and colleagues, send updates to friends, employers, employees and associates, post career and education information for employers or recruiters, form and join groups, get the latest news and updates about soccer around the world, and post and receive photos, videos and content.

Soccerbook.com ... Expanding your network in the game.